get your flyingAs they say, if it doesn’t exist you have to invent it yourself. So why did we create this Association? Engaging over 5 million individuals and a $2.8B annual financial turnaround, the flight simulation ecosystem is thriving but barely has a center, this is why AFSBI was created. Advocacy, better cohesion and recognition will drive technology and more investments and services toward the art of flying. Simulation is recognized as a critical link to safety in flight instructions. For many, flight simulation is even more meaningful as it can lead to new solutions, better representation of reality while promoting flying proficiency. The simulation ecosystem is vast: it spans from those who are just joining in for fun, to the rigorous training carried out by major airlines. In between, simulation component builders big and small, fully-fledged, approved simulator manufacturers and “simmers” who have built their devices with a level of sophistication which sometimes rivals much more expensive airline simulators. AFSBI supports the entire environment and all the communities within it. By joining AFSBI you become an integral part driving that ecosystem.

So where do we go from here? Look at what we can do together: We are building a complete Directory of products, services and community offerings. If you haven’t already, list your product, service or community, at no cost, for others to find you. A Forum is in place to discuss Association’s matters. Classifieds offers a platform for exchanges and of course any member is free to blog and recount his or her experiences. The AFBSI Lab is the cornerstone of the Association, providing insights on products and services. Soon the AFSBI Lab will be registered as a non-for-profit (501c3), complementing the Benefit corporate status (B Corp) of AFSBI.

As some of the pilots in our environment remember, all now famous flying associations, like the EAA or AOPA were born out of a group of committed individuals who really believed in the power or joining hands together to see their environment thrive. That’s the spirit behind AFSBI.