AEREUM: A Cryptocurrency for Simulators?

May 14, 2018 / Comments (1)

AFSBI Standard News

/ By Gabriel Accascina

In several countries, a group purchasing organization (GPO) is an entity that is created to leverage the purchasing power of a group with shared common interests to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO members. This is the concept behind Aereum, an innovative initiative spearheaded by an Italian group, still in early development stages. Aereum plans to establish a crypto currency called AER, for simmers to earn it by flying through virtual airlines or other organized groups. Once on board, virtual pilots and crews will earn AERs in a paycheck that reflects a similar type of agreement real pilots have with their airlines, flying schools, or other aviation-based businesses. AERs can then be exchanged for portions of products and services with participating vendors and service providers. This could obviously be another important component of the simulation ecosystem, which is now expanding rapidly to include many real-world analogies. The typical use case of Aereum is a simulator pilot who is active on a virtual airline, on the one hand, and vendors engaged in the simulator market on the other. Vendors agree to honor AERs as part of payment, thus providing an incentive for their products or services. In our ecosystem this could have substantial effects on the degree of commitment on both sides. For purchases, the expected payment ratio is about 70-30 between real money and AERs. For more information contact AEREUM CEO and AFSBI member Giovanni Rugolo , or go online and register to test the beta version on their server. As always we will keep our member informed of future developments.

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    Will go and check their system out ! Blows your mind how many markets simulation is creating.

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