Airbus, Helisim Break Ground On Texas Training Center

February 21, 2019 / Comments (0)

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Helisim broke ground on a new 23,000-square foot helicopter pilot and maintenance crew training center in Grand Prairie, Texas.

The new center, at the Airbus Helicopters Inc. campus, represents a major international expansion of Helisim. The company will oversee operations at the new simulation center, and the first stage of the new facility is scheduled for completion later in 2019.

Helisim new training center inaugurated in Grand Prairie, Texas.

The center will house the first Level D full-motion flight simulators in North America for Airbus H145 and H175 helicopters as well as two high-tech civil helicopters, which are now entering wide use in the Americas.

Helisim H175 Simulator

The Texas training center also incorporates existing training facilities, including its H125/AS350 full-flight simulator and H135/H145 flight training device.

With an initial investment of $40 million, the simulation center is expected to bring several thousand pilots and maintenance personnel to Grand Prairie every year the company says, sometimes for two weeks or more, supporting the growing local economy in Grand Prairie.

About Helisim

Helisim provides flight simulator training for Airbus Helicopters medium/large twin-engine helicopters, including the H175, AS365 N2, H155, AS332 L1/L2, H225 and NH90, using the most technologically advanced Full Flight Simulators.
Helisim is located adjacent to the Marseille-Provence International Airport, nearby Airbus Helicopters headquarters and production facilities in Marignane, France. Pioneering the Level “D” simulators, Helisim operates the high-end of rotary-wing simulation in which all possible emergency situations can be replicated. This unique feature allows pilots to safely master the entire flight envelope of their helicopters.

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