Advantages of becoming a member

The Association

Encompassing simulation professionals, enthusiasts, beginners and experts alike, pairing with industry leaders, trainers, builders and parts manufacturers.

The Membership

Offers an online meeting place, directories of items related to simulation, forums, free classifieds and essays and blogs from simulation experts and AFSBI staff.


Recognition, participation, content management and soon discounts, facilitation and workshops.

The Lab

Product testing, AFSBI Seal of Approval in recognition to outstanding products, research on innovative solutions

Our Ten Objectives in Summary

  • The Association aims at promoting research, development and use of flight simulators both for personal use and for professional training purposes;
  • The Association aims at supporting the growing number of builders and instructors specializing in flight simulator-based aviation;
  • The Association aims at supporting its members, connecting them to vendors, organizers and other industry partners to provide member-tailored discounts and other benefits;
  • The Association aims at organizing, in collaboration with existing structures, annual gatherings of members and interested parties, either independently or in conjunction with other relevant events.
  • The Association will maintain an online, interactive and user-updated directory of simulators and simulator components, users, vendors, instruction providers, flight simulator communities, and online references.
  • The Association will provide a classified section for members to be able to exchange components, services and self-built simulator parts.
  • The Association will portray and promote innovative research and work done by members internationally.
  • The Association aims at providing outreach services via a website and social media participation.
  • The Association will support a research Lab for product testing and approval.

The Association aims at providing a link between researchers, developers, builders and users, and Government and Non-Government organizations such as the FAA, ICAO, AOPA, EAA, education institutions and

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