Behind the scenes at CAE simulators: Perhaps your future?

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Always dreamed of working with the big simulators? Watch the technicians and other people involved in building some of the world’s most realistic and highly-sophisticated full simulators talk about their work and careers. If you are interested in the field, CAE’s well-produced video is a must-see, offering a rare glimpse behind the scenes of a major simulator company.

CAE sells flight simulators and training devices to airlines, aircraft manufacturers and training centres. It licenses its simulation software to various market segments and has a professional services division.

The simulators include basic training devices CAE 400XR and CAE 500XR, and full-motion products such as the CAE 3000, CAE 5000 and CAE 7000XR. These simulators are available for commercial use. In 2016, the company sold 53 Full-Flight Simulators.

In the United States, the firm is a supplier of initial and re-currency training for airlines such as JetBlue as well as non-airline based companies, including charter and cargo operators. In December 2001, the firm acquired the Simuflite training centers in Dallas, Texas and Morristown, New Jersey, which are now called CAE SimuFlite. The facility at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is the largest business aviation training facility in the world at 426,000 sq ft (39,600 m2), with 34 simulators and approximately 450 employees.

In February 2016, CAE Inc. acquired one of its competitors, Lockheed Martin Commercial Flight Training, formerly known as Sim-Industries. (full wiki here).





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