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Our take on FSExpo2019? It was a great event! Why? Firstly because of the great attendance, just short of 1,800 people, considering attendees, exhibitors and the many speakers participating, which is quite remarkable for this type of event.  But also, for us at AFSBI, this is the first time we felt that it was truly engaging two communities, the simmers and the flyers, making the combination even more interesting to us. This is a trend we hope will catch on, perhaps bringing in more flight schools, aviation colleges and other professionals in future years.

This post offers a sampling of those exhibitors who are making the flight simulation community even more relevant to flight schools and aviation professionals. Many of this year’s  attendees were really young and already seem to display a great working knowledge of flying. We also believe that this is a community airlines should be looking into, when they pipeline flying crews, technicians, software engineers and other talent. Supporting the “start at home and then take off in the real aircraft” may be a great avenue to fill the aviation professional gap we are experiencing today. In the words of Evan Reiter, one of the co-organizer and airline pilot himself, FSExpo is “Bridging the Gap” between the two.

So here is a quick video line up of some of the people we interviewed. We started with Keith Smith at PilotEdge, a pilot himself, who presented us with a brief description of his service, how it is expanding and its significance to flight training.

Oscar Mateos from Virtual-Fly in Spain, showed us the FAA and EASA certified ATD products including plans for an upcoming dual control simulators (the DUO PRO) based either on the G1000 suite or on a standard six-pack arrangement. Virtual-Fly works solid in the area of home simmers, with their great flight controls and bridges the gap with flight-school-level products like the SOLO PRO AATD.

Next in our list of interviews was Honeycomb Aeronautics’s Nicki Repenning. This company was previewing their upcoming products. A series of controls (yoke, throttle quadrant) both innovative and affordable. We can see these products in any aviation classroom as an entry level introduction to flight controls.

Li Chen at Simionic started with iPad apps and is now turning his company into one of the most innovative solutions providers, with the G1000 bezel and the upcoming, and true-to-life, Cessna C172 panel.

Our friend Hanne Koole, from ProSim in the Netherlands, gave us a few minutes to explain a some important details about their B737 and A320 software system, which powers the products of over 100 service providers and manufacturers. This includes simulator hardware company Skalarki which was at FSExpo showing their A320 in their well-attended booth.

Very interesting to hear from Laura Radigan, an aerobatic champion and CFI for both gliders and powered aircraft who practices on her sim. “First learn to fly the aerobatic maneuvers in the air and then refined them in our sim,” she told us.

You want amazing? RealSimGear showed their TBM900 simulator, geared to owners-operators and serious prosumers. In cooperation with developer HotStart, their sim provides an amazing amount of knowledge about the aircraft, visually represented. Learn while you fly it.

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