A (relatively) inexpensive 2 projectors sim full immersion display

August 22, 2018

Introduction A recent study, conducted by a manufacturer of professional simulators, concluded that the perception of motion is 83% visual. An immersive, wraparound (>150°) display...

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Flying the Sabreliner: A legend revived.

June 30, 2018

Matt Bailey, AFSBI member 001279, is definitely a flight simulator enthusiast, expert and all around genius. With wife Ruth, and while taking care of their two children, they acquired a...

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Good Vibrations

June 1, 2018

The sense of vibration sits somewhere between touch and sound. Its unique experience depends much on the frequency: low frequencies are felt, while higher frequencies are heard. In an...

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SimCube build Part 1

February 15, 2018

I started building this simulator (‘SimCube’, as it looks like a cube on the outside), in March 2017. I am convinced that, to be effective, simulators used in actual training...

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Building Tips. Taking Simulation Seriously

February 6, 2018

I train lots of people in my simulator, mainly box management (yes, the G1000). I find that simulators offer a great opportunity to learn how glass cockpits work. Properly done, even if...

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Simulator Single Screen vs Multi-Screens

January 31, 2018

So you bought a nice beefy computer with a 24″ monitor and some simulator software. You installed the software and tried to fly using a keyboard and mouse. Difficult. So then you...

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Advanced Simming. De-lidding How-to

January 20, 2018

Since Intel decided to use low-grade thermal material underneath their Integrated Heat Spreader or IHS, the practice of “De-Lidding” or “DE-lid” the CPU has spread widely throughout...

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