AOPA: ABCs of simulators

August 4, 2018

“First, if the simulator has a number, it doesn’t move. If it has a letter, it moves and costs a lot of money…” Bookmark...

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Redbird: How to Use Your Aviation Training Device When the Part 61 Changes Take Effect

July 11, 2018

More on the implications of the new sweeping rules about logging simulated time. Bookmark...

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July 2, 2018


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An X-Plane Road Map From FlightSimExpo

July 1, 2018


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SimControlX Now Available on the Apple App Store

June 6, 2018

SimControlX Now Available on the Apple App Store A Sophisticated Operator Station for Flight Simmers ORLANDO, FL. — June 4, 2018 – SimControlX is the successor to SimControl, a...

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Check Flow G1000

May 18, 2018

Pre-Taxi Check List Flow for the Cessna 172R equipped with the GARMIN NAV III package. These procedures are meant for use by LeTourneau University Flight Students and in no other context...

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Briefing the Approach

May 18, 2018

How do professional pilots brief the approach? Here is a great video that walks you through the steps and explains it all. (c) Airline Pilot Hiring Bookmark...

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Current EASA Flight Simulation Regulations

March 26, 2018

European Aviation Safety Agency Certification Specifications for Aeroplane Flight Simulation Training Devices: (b) ‘Full flight simulator (FFS)’ means a full size replica of a specific...

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Current FAA Flight Simulator Regulations

March 26, 2018

Since the 1970s, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has gradually expanded the permitted use of flight simulation for training. Two new agency rules dealing with simulators and...

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Prepar3D triple screens, Air Manager, D250 and more

March 19, 2018

Roger Dodger Aviation First flight with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and the D250 Deluxe Desktop Flight Sim. Bookmark...

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