If you are engaged in any of the following the AFSBI Directories are for you!

-Are you a sim manufacturer?
-Do you offer small-run components or 3D printed parts?
-Do you sell sim avionics?
-Do you run a Virtual Airline?
-Have you found software and/or hardware solutions?Directories
-Do you train on simulators?
-Do you offer any simulator services?
-Have you written a book or post on flying simulators?
-Do you manage a Facebook group or Instagram and Tweet about simulators?
-Do you manage a Forum or sim parts exchange website?
-Are you a Conference organizer?

These and many more are the listings we host in our Directories!

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To make it easier for members to find what they need, AFSBI maintains three permanent Directories of all things flight simulation and has developed an extensive taxonomy to help categorizing and searching for what Members need to build or fly their simulator. While AFSBI enters information on new products or services continuously, Members are encouraged to enter they own listing, as a reference to others. The listings are free of charge and the initial posting is for two years. They include images and a video. If a listing of a Member’s product has already been entered by our data entry team Members can claim them through the link or by writing to us.

The AFSBI Directories are:

  • Products: Ideal for hardware and software vendors, small scale production, ready made simulators, instruments, bezels, simulator components and other physical parts in the simulation ecosystem. It also features commercial services such as training, workshops, etc.
  • Community: Great to advertise social media and online groups, forums, events, conferences and other people-driven activities.
  • Resources: This is a catalog of  online resources for how-to, on building flying, getting the best out of your simulator. Includes YouTube videos.

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