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Pro Flight Trainer PUMA PAS Helicopter Flight Simulator Controls


Pro Flight Trainer PUMA Helicopter Flight Simulator Controls PAS Version (Pre-assembled)

The 4th generation of Pro Flight Trainer Simulator Helicopter Flight Controls offers almost unlimited adjustments, a new zone switch that offers close to limitless button options and 3 separate Chinese-Hat assignments, Potentiometer's and many other exciting upgrades.

Pre-assembled packaging doesn't require any special skills or tools, and it usually takes less than 1 hour to have the controls ready to fly.

included in this package:

- Pro Flight Trainer PUMA Full Control Set

  • USB HID Plug & Play seamless installation
  • Twist Grip Throttle Collective
  • Push-Pull Pedal design
  • Curved Cyclic with High Quality B8 Style Grip
  • Adjustable Collective Arm Design
  • Long USB Cable
  • Adjustable Cyclic Height
  • Adjustable Pedal Length and anti-slide chair proximity
  • Adjustable Collective Arm in Sideways, Height, and Resting Angle


Massachusetts, USA
Town: Bedford
Street 1: 200 The Great Road
ZIP code: 01730

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