Flight Simulation for Beginners eBook

September 11, 2019 / Comments (0)

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/ By Gabriel Accascina

This eBook is for those who are just starting in flight simulation. In a concise format I walk the reader through the choices available in selecting and installing a basic flight simulator, either on their desktop or laptop. I describe major components to look for in your computer, and best choices in terms of hardware and software. As you can see in the Table of Contents, the eBook then looks at the initial setup of the flight simulator, how to tweak performance and… off the ground for a first flight! As it is most common, flying an airplane via the keyboard and mouse may not be entirely satisfactory. The eBook looks at add-ons, both hardware to control the aircraft, software to make it more realistic, and more. Plenty links are offered through the text to give the reader a good idea of where to find what’s described. There is a further section for more advanced users on how to improve realism, through visuals, sound, instrument and other components. The eBook is sprinkled with basics of flying, nomenclature for various actions, parts and conventions. To make it even more interesting, Evan Reiter, the co-organizer of FlightSimExpo, was kind enough to write the foreword.

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