"The Pilot’s Operating Handbook for your at-home simulator, Flight Simulation for Beginners is filled with advice, suggestions, and tips for getting started with simulation."

Evan Reiter - Airline pilot, FlightSimExpo co-founder

The Ultimate Guide to Flight Simulation for Beginners

Everything you need to get started in one handy guide.

Learn about hardware set up, software choices, and get all the inside tips and tricks that will get you off the ground fast!

From your first basic purchase options to free add-ons and basics of flying, Flight Simulation for Beginners provides an easy entry point to flight simulation for the novice.

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What you will find in this eBook

Flight Simulation for Beginners contains everything you need to know to get started in Flight Simulation. All the basics of Flight Simulation are covered in an easy to follow format. Check out the Table of Contents and a sample page below:

“I wish this book was out back when I started in flight simulation. ...hits all the pertinent information a new simmer can use in an easy to read flow. Everything is covered with just enough detail to get you in the air quickly with purpose.”

Dustin Clifford - U.S. Flight Sim Founder

Save Time and Money

What’s better than finding all you need to get started in flight simulation in one concise reference? This is exactly what this book is and much, much more. Flight Simulation for Beginners will save you countless hours of searching the web and help you prevent costly "newbie" mistakes.

A Source You Can Trust

Flight Simulation for Beginners is published by AFSBI - the Association of Flight Simulator Builders and Instructors. AFSBI is a member-driven organization promoting the use of flight simulation. Membership is free. AFSBI promotes the flight simulation ecosystem by supporting flight training, professional and personal users, and aviation industry, research and innovation.

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About the Author

Gabriel Accascina is a commercial pilot and has worked as a flight instructor. He has pilot licenses from four different countries. In the 80’s, he built his first flight simulator and has built many others since then. His main interest is in how flight simulation can encourage people to learn to fly, assist student pilots in their training, and make already licensed pilots more proficient. He is the founder of AFSBI, the Association of Flight Simulator Builders and Instructors.

“...combines the essential information for the Flight Simulator beginner in a condensed and easily readable format. It takes the Newbie step by step through the selection of software, computer, and simulator hardware ...makes a seemingly daunting array of decisions logical and approachable.”

Russ Barlow - Airline pilot, flight simulation evangelist

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