Captain for a Day: Airline Flight Simulators in Las Vegas.

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AFSBI Standard Training

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A veteran airline pilot, Rod MacLennan, AFSBI Member 001158, has an innovative simulation and training business. Partnering with PanAm Training, he uses spare simulators availability to offer pilots and flight simulator enthusiasts time on B737-300, 800 MD82 and 88, full motion sims in their Las Vegas facility. With over three decades of experience as pilot and flight instructor MacLennan has found an interesting business model that benefits all involved, with lower prices and personalized attention. MacLennan provides his clients with FAA-approved flight instructions, entertainment rides and he even offers a “Fear of Flying” session. The three sims he instructs in are crowned by a $17M Boeing 737-800 sim, with 3D graphics, rapid Geo-location. Geo-location allows to do  approaches and landings over and over again from any point. These sims are so realistic that pilot think within minutes they are flying the real thing. This level of simulators (Class D) can be approved by the FAA for type ratings, without actually ever flying the real airplane. Rod started his career in commercial aviation as a flight instructor in 1965 working for several aviation businesses. From there Rod spent the next twenty-two years working for Eastern Airlines as flight engineer on L-1049 Constellations. He then completed his time at Eastern as Manager of Flying, Simulator Instructor and Captain on DC-9s and B-727s. Rod went on to work for various air carriers as Manager, Instructor and Pilot, retiring from Polar Air Cargo as captain of B-747s in 2004. Since retiring Rod has worked as an instructor, logging nearly 1700 hours in flight simulators. In February of 2009 Rod started Airline Captain For A Day. His prices are extremely competitive, given the devices he uses and, additionally, he offers a 25% discount to FlightSimExpo 2018 participants. He warns, however, to book well in advance for the 6-7 June weekend. Visit his website for booking information and watch some truly inspiring videos there as well.

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