We are aware there are many simulation-related Forums and AFSBI support all of them as they have been at the center of the flight simulation community for a number of year and still going strong.  The Forum we have created are to discuss matters of interest to Assocforums-imaeiation’s Members and its present and future directions. Special topics are dedicated to technical discussions for beginners and experts alike. Please feel free to add topics or to request special forums of specific interest. As always, please keep the conversation positive and supportive to other Member’s questions or issues.


Unlike the PrClassifieds-pageoduct Directory, which is for information and record only, Classifieds is an area for members to be able to list products or parts they intend to sell or exchange. This is increasingly useful also due to the fact that many Members produce parts in small amounts (e.g. PCBs, controls, specialized software, or even books and tutorials) and often find themselves posting their offerings in many different forums, groups and, of course, eBay. Postings here will be searchable by category, listed in order of freshness and always free for basic listings, with options to upgrade positioning and visibility. Those interested in purchasing items from classified will contact you directly to arrange for payment and shipment. Please read the Terms of Service or contact us directly if any questions.



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