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The Garmin G1000 is a marvel of technology. Released 15 years ago and approved for use in many light aircraft, the system is an all-in-one with most, if not all, functionality needed to conduct a safe IFR flight. This is one of the reasons why it was promptly adopted and replicated for flight simulation use. The other reason is that learning the G1000 software is a lot easier and much safer on a simulator than on a real airplane. In the real world, several separate hardware components and sensors are joined together in a system. Data from these components is then displayed on two large monitors. Knobs, soft keys, buttons and an audio panel allow the pilot to interact with the system. The G1000 includes primary flight instruments, both com and nav dual radios, transponder, autopilot and engine monitoring gauges.

This post highlights the offerings from several manufacturers as displayed on their website. As a reference for those considering the addition of a G1000 setup to their simulators. More likely than not, you may find that G1000 panels have only few analog gauges, mainly standby instruments, and physical switches and controls such as those for flaps, gears, etc. In short, the multi-function ability of the G1000 substitutes most of the instruments and makes a G1000-based panel simpler to build.

Although some proprietory systems exist, the underlying simulation program is usually one of the three common ones: X-Plane, P3D and FSX.  The actual G1000 display software is often sold by third parties. G1000 hardware offerings are generally made of a bezel resembling the original size and shape and a VGA or TFT display contained within it. In one case, the G1000 bezels host two Apple iPads which run apps for the left primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function flight display (MFD). In few other cases, the entire set is managed by an independent OS (usually Linux), which is programmed accordingly.

Following is a list of manufacturers that, to the best of our knowledge, sell G1000 simulation equipment. Data is from their current websites and has not been verified by an actual purchase. Other cost such as shipping and taxes may apply. Features may vary. Contact the manufacturers for further information.




Price USD


Noble Flight Simulation G1000 3-piece flight deck (includes audio panel, PFD and MFD displays). Works only with P3D. Cirrus customization with separate control panel available. Works with Mindstar software or any software supporting key mapping. $2,450


NFS G1000

NFS Cirrus Perspective. Available with or without panel and backlighting

Emuteq G1000 3-piece flight deck, VGA displays. Aluminum enclosure. Compatible with all three platforms. Requires Flight1Tech software. $2,922 G1000 available with or without panel
General Simulator The G1K Plus is marketed as a platform approved for training as installed in AATD/BATD equipped flight school. $3,999



G1K Plus

Elite Elite offers a complete desktop panel inclusive of flight controls. This system is FAA approved for training as an AATD. N/A PI-1000 Desktop ATD
Brunner BEH1000 supports a multitude of simulation software. TFT displays, radio panel. N/A BEH1000 PFD | GMA | MFD


FSC PFD and MFD compatible with major simulation G1000 software. $3,265 PFD or MFD single display
Simionic Offers realistic bezels in which user slides in two iPad Air (not included). PFD and MFD software available at the Apple Store. Plugin for all common platforms. Standby gauges and radio panel also available. $698.00



SHB1000 single bezel

SH1000 PFD+MFD combo and radio panel

As always, we will strive to keep this list updated and we invite our members to send us additional info or these or new upcoming products.

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