Gearing up to Oshkosh, a Sim Perspective

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Last year we were amazed by the role simulation is taking in GA real-life training, from policy changes by the FAA to the obvious bubble in the sim market. AirVenture 2018 presented us with a new perspective and proof of this new reality and how important the event in Oshkosh has become for simulation as well. Held from July 22-28 this year, many of our simulator partners have already confirmed their participation and more are expected to join in.

The EAA is improving the relevance of its Pilot Proficiency Center (PPC) at Oshkosh this year. We spoke with Radek Wyrzykowski, EAA Manager of Flight Proficiency. “Our new approach this year to promote simulation is what we call “Proficiency 365”. Essentially, Radek explained, everything that happens at the PPC is eligible for WINGS credits (see here for more on the WINGS Program). Not only this, but pilots will be able to download proficiency scenarios and, guess what, fly them later in a simulator of their choice for even more credits. Moreover, they will be automatically enrolled in a $10,000 sweepstakes even without completing a WINGS phase.

Redbird is making an Xwind training system available to this year’s EAA AirVenture Pilot Proficiency Center so that any pilot, with any level of experience, can learn and practice what happens when a crosswind gust and other real-world factors affect the last moments of a landing. Along with the Xwind trainer, 14 Redbird LD flight simulators support the 27 different training scenarios any pilot can fly at the PPC.

Redbird sims at the Pilot Proficiency Center

“But – Radek continues – our main change is promoting training tools. We will be focusing on quality and simplicity. You can come in and exercise various elements of IFR flying,  say localizers or holds, and just concentrate on what your bottlenecks are.”

The WINGS sweepstakes program is supported by the FAA with the goal of increasing awareness of and participation in the WINGS program. The belief is that, ultimately, pilots who complete WINGS phases are safer aviators.

In its second year anchoring one of the Four Corners (that’s the center of the AirVenture event area at Wittman Regional Airport, see a map here), more than 2,000 pilots are expected to take part in the center’s free training, Radek says. Drawing on last year’s success, the center added several more volunteer flight instructors and an additional simulator.

AOPA had a “simulators’ corner” last year, but we were unable to reach them in time for this post. We will update if we hear of anything interesting.

Beyond the simulation scenarios, a broad range of Tech Talks covering such diverse topics as back-country flying and IFR situational awareness are being held throughout each day during the one-week event.

Scott Manley will give a presentation titled called Simulation-based Flight Training. As he puts it: “The airlines, military, and professional flight training organizations figured it out long ago; simulation-based flight training is a highly efficient and effective way to train pilots. With the advent of computer-based software systems, the benefits of simulation-based training are now affordably available to the general aviation community. Using a live demonstration of systems, software, and techniques, the presentation covers the how and why of simulation-based flight training.”

In addition to Redbird, which will be present en masse as per last year, simulators from Alsim, Frasca, Flythissim will be on display as well. Volarent, a Texas-based company new to us, offers a line of both fixed wings and rotary simulators. At the time of this writing, they were making the final arrangements for a booth at AirVenture.

Our good friends from Siminnovations will be demonstrating their AirManager and the Knobster, and Thrustmaster will be at their own hangar as always.

Infinite Flight, which develops mobile simulation apps has announced its participation as well. Their IoS/Android-based apps are all the rage and feature very accurate modeling and response.

Infinite Flight 3D engine modeling.

If you are interested in simulation and flight training, consider this one of the premier events of the year, especially for general aviation. We are quite sure that this sector will continue to grow at Oshkosh in the years to come.

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