Geo-FS: Instant Sim Gratification with this free flight simulator!

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Do you want a flight simulator but don’t want to spend too much time and money buying and installing software, add-ons, and hardware? Just click here and go!  Geo is an online flight simulator with worldwide satellite images. The sim is free, the satellite imagery at standard definition is free as well.

GeoFS runs on 10–60 meter global Sentinel-2 satellite images. You can pay a nominal price for global HD aerial imagery: €9.99 for 1 year. Check out their Facebook page. Created by Xavier Tassin, GeoFS was launched in October 2010. It was originally built on the Google Earth plug-in as GEFS-Online (Google Earth Flight Simulator). On September 1, 2015, support for the Google Earth plugin ended, which nearly resulted in a complete shutdown of GEFS-Online. In January 2016, in light of the Google Earth plugin’s termination, GEFS-Online migrated to CesiumJS, an open source virtual globe platform.

From the Piper Cub to the Airbus A380, the range of available aircraft should interest every aviation enthusiast.
Community members (see the Forum) also actively contribute to GeoFS by building new aircraft or developing plugins to enhance the existing features.

Geo-FS works in multiplayer mode. When we launched it there were 144 users online. The instructions are simple and resemble those of many keyboard/mouse controlled sims.  You can also activate a joystick.  Amazingly, it features:


  • Free 10 meter global satellite images Photo-realistic sub-meter HD imagery on subscription. more…
  • Global high resolution terrain mesh
  • Massively multiplayer
  • Navigation map with 30,000 referenced runways
  • ADS-B (real-life) commercial traffic in real-time
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile
  • Joystick support
  • 20 available aircraft (+ community contributed)
  • Real-time atmospheric conditions weather forecast feed

Aircraft? Here is the lineup (we love the Major Tom!):



Aircraft 3D models:

  • de Havilland DHC6 Twin Otter: Original model by Eric Dantes – Copyright France VFR
  • Phenom 100: Original model by Dust
  • AlphaJet “Patrouille de France”: Original model by Lco (Laurent Correia)
  • Cessna 172: Original model by David Moratilla
  • Piper Cub: Original model by “Monte Cristo”
  • Douglas DC3: Original model from Microsoft
  • Hughes 269/TH-55: Original model by Serge Desmet
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11: Original model by Aakash Kalaria
  • Sukhoi Su-35: Original model by “mandun”
  • Airbus A380: Original model by Serge Desmet
  • Airbus A380 Cockpit: Original model by Paul Aherton
  • Concorde: Original model by Serge Desmet
  • Cessna 152: Original model by Serge Desmet
  • Zlin 50: Original model by Serge Desmet
  • An-140: Original model by Serge Desmet

ADS-B Data:

Weather Data:

Airspace Data (served by Google Fusion Tables):








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