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June 12, 2019 / Comments (0)

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/ By Editorial Staff

A new yoke and a throttle quadrant are arriving this summer! Stay tuned as Honeycomb Aeronautical’s Founder and CEO Nicki Repenning told us in an interview at FSExpo 2019 this past weekend, the company will soon accept pre-orders and will ship the new sim controls beginning August 2019. We saw their products at their well-attended booth and we couldn’t help being impressed by the price point for what was shown, in the $200 range for each of the two items, the Alpha Yoke and Bravo Quadrant.

Although we haven’t tested them yet, they look good and well thought out! The twin throttle quadrant had a great looking trim tab, gear handle, and indicators, a number of switches and a flap lever. It also includes the controls for an autopilot. Impressive.  The yoke had the customary thumb, trim switches and additional red and white switches.  Here is what Nicki had to say at their booth:

We look forward to seeing them in action and good luck to this new and promising company!


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