How Airplanes Are Made

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Always wanted to know the ins and outs of aircraft construction?

This 5-minute video from the folks at minutephysics will take you from the design stage to flight testing, and final delivery of a completed A350 aircraft.

It offers an inside view of Airbus’ manufacturing and assembly facilities, the logistical challenges involved in parts transport, and the rigorous tests each part of the plane is subject to before delivery.

How Airplanes Are Made – minutephysics

At full capacity, Airbus can produce one aircraft every two days thanks to a veritable army of experts on everything from seat ergonomics to wing span aerodynamics, atc, and carbon fiber recycling to name a few.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood of one of Airbus’ production facilities in Europe, you can sign up for a guided factory tour and visit. Locations are in Toulouse, France, and in Bremen and Hamburg in Germany. Tours are typically around 15 euro’s per person (about $17 USD), and free for kids under 6.

A 330 neo widebody jetliner coming together at the Airbus final assembly line in Toulouse. (photo credit: Airbus)

The tour in Toulouse includes a visit to the telemetry room with a presentation of the A380 programme and its certification campaign (first flights & test campaigns).

Then it’s on to the plant where you will see the interior stations and exterior general testing stations and get an overview of the entire site. You will be given a detailed presentation of the A380 production process.

The tour ends with a look inside the A400M military aircraft.  Click here for more information

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