Leaving Las Vegas: A Great FlightSimExpo 2018!

June 12, 2018 / Comments (0)

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FlightSimExpo just ended and it was absolutely great. Team AFSBI has no voice left, but lots of stories to tell. Your stories! We had an outpouring of support from over 200 new AFSBI Members and many other industry leaders, vendors and service providers engaged in the flight simulation industry. It was a blast.
Here are our takeaways: Great attendance, many flew in for the Expo and attended the seminars, the hall was full. Our boot was constantly attended. Members signed up and told their stories, that’s the way it is meant to be. People literally of all ages, from the U.S. and from countries as diverse as Korea, Cuba and Angola told us how engaged they are with flight simulation. They told us how they are training, what they want to achieve and want they want to see from us: more community efforts, training and seminars. A lot of interest for simulator certification issues and for organized sim building workshops. Official presence from NATCA, the National ATC Association made it possible for us to distribute their great communication pamphlet, much appreciated by many. We were interviewed twice, by Sky Blue Radio and Flightsimguy (see a walkaround through the expo on the Channel).  The organizers, Evan and Phil managed a flawless weekend. We discussed our growing membership, and issues of interest to us such as the Lab, research, certification, training and much more. Will post more detail soon, as we are now preparing for FlightSimCon in Dallas! See us there at Booth 42!

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