Quatam River Airport from PropStrike Studio

REVIEWED BY: FRed Baron | DATED: October 1, 2018


Quatam River Airport and surrounding mesh


Default Weather : Clear Early Morning. Takeoff in the Cub in VFR conditions for 40 min. sightseeing hop.



From PropstrikeStudio. Install into the X-plane custom scenery folder. Copy the quatam river airport and quatam mesh folders into custom scenery, followed by a quick running of x-plane to the setup menu and back out to record entries into the scenery.ini. Then just cut and paste the mesh entry to the bottom leave the airport at the top and done.

This was a stunning piece of scenery for X-plane, set in the mountains of British Colombia, Canada. You get what you pay for with this first big offering from PropStrike. A great two man team of Luciano Pommella and Karl Hoybye based in Canada, their other two smaller offerings: Machemell Fisheries, and Allan Burrows Island offer the same visual appeal while the latter is a free download and Allan Burrows a mere $3.89, a highly recommended pick-up for any X-plane scenery collection.

A quick morning departure taking off trying not to get distracted looking at the trees, turning NorthWest too head for the watchtower. Checking the included map there are four other points of interest besides the Quatam Airport; multiple landing pads including the Medical Unit and Deep Vally Climbing Camp for “helo-heads”, the aforementioned watchtower and Moh Airstrip.

Spending a very enjoyable 30-40 mins in the air (I never did find the watchtower, but chalk that up to my no-flight plan having, meandering self), eyes glued out the side views at the crisp mesh, well done mountainsides and river banks, I lined up for a highly rewarding approach view, full flaps in the Cub and a satisfying cloud of dust on touchdown. This scenery possesses what all great scenery has in common, fly-ability and repeat-ability.

Needing some performance scale, i fired up the same weather and flight on my Haswell “everyday” PC.
As one could expect, the amount of detail here will take its toll on lesser “iron”. I reduced the settings pretty aggressively (see Test Platform), trees, mountains and riverbanks all still looked fine with no distracting qualities.
Needless to say this author will be watching these two talented guys for more.

Some key points:
Land-able river banks with water assist.
Multiple landing pads in logging areas.
Camping sites spread out across the map with landing clearings near by.
Night lighting including tents that light up.
VR Friendly night and day flying.

…from the official press release:
“The airport is located in a series of fjords and arms so although ocean water is just off the runway it is a long journey to the open sea. The airport is just meters from the Quatam River which leads up a long valley and into the tall mountains. The airport is a hub for forest workers who are clearing out the forest up and down the valley sides. The airport has been there for more than 35 years serving many purposes.”

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