Pilot Expo 2019

February 20, 2019 / Comments (0)

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Calling all aspiring and current pilots!

Pilot Expo is being held this weekend in Berlin. The event is Europe’s largest event dedicated to Flight Crew Recruitment and Training and provides an opportunity for experienced pilots, recent flight school grads, and student pilots to meet and connect with potential future employers.

The event features more than a hundred exhibitors representing most major European and Asian airlines, as well as airline training representatives and crew recruitment agencies.

During the two day on-site conference, a panel of 30 speakers will cover topics for experienced pilots that include: “Working out of EU – taxation, health care and risks”, “Becoming an instructor”, “Possibilities in case of loss of license” etc. as well as presentations from several of the largest airlines.

For student pilots or those considering a career in aviation,
the conference features panels on different choices of training planning, and the importance of assessing the trainee’s profile before investing in a pilot education. Other topics include available funding and financing options, and the most popular airline cadet programs. 

Pilot Expo offers plenty to see and learn, and an excellent networking opportunity for all those interested in a career in aviation!

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