Pilotedge announces 121.5 Emergency Frequency

February 21, 2019 / Comments (0)

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From Pilotedge Press release:

“Let’s talk about GUARD, the emergency frequency (121.5) that is intended to be used for pilots and controllers to reach each other in case of a frequency change mishap or an emergency, or for Delta pilots to accidentally make their ride reports and get mocked accordingly.

On PilotEdge, you’ve always been able to communicate with controllers on 121.5, but it wasn’t isolated, meaning you’d hear non-emergency traffic, too. This prevented pilots from monitoring GUARD on COM2, a common and very sound real-world practice that’s recommended in the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM).

As of this morning, we’ve made behind-the-scenes changes to improve how GUARD is handled. You’ll now only hear GUARD transmissions on 121.5. Feel free to start monitoring GUARD on COM2, and use it as you would in the real world if you need to reach ATC when other frequencies aren’t working, or when you weren’t in contact with ATC and you need emergency assistance.”

This follows Pilotedge recent improvements in frequency handling, much like ATIS frequencies which now follow a one letter identifier recognizable by the area supervising controller and used for clearances. Pilotedge improvements bring the service to a level closer to reality and at a level professional enough to satisfy actual flight training practice.

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