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FlightSimExpo 2019: it is that time of the year when we feel the flight simulation community coming together. Preparing to travel to Orlando to spend a few days with one of the most amazing, innovative and proactive communities at FSExpo2019. We will be there advocating for flight simulation as a great, fun way to complement flight training and as a first step toward a number of interesting aviation careers. As we wrote last month here, we believe that if you start flying at home you could very well end up in a real cockpit flying people around the world. Confirming this assumption there will be a strong industry presence at FSExpo. The organizers, Phil and Evan, are bringing in the big industry and flight community players. The EAA will be there, teaming up with TakeFlight Interactive to introduce their Flight Academy. We think that learning on a simulator makes the whole flight training experience more affordable and safe while providing a high degree of knowledge transfer and EAA’s Flight Academy does exactly that.

Back again this year, our friends from NATCA, the real-life ATC controllers association (their motto is “We guide you home” – so true!), will be at booth 704. Last year they distributed their free communication booklet, which we found very instructive. NATCA makes a great effort to communicate with those in the air and on the ground alike as we wrote in this post. Gleim Aviation will be at FSE as well. Gleim (booth 209) has long been known to for their excellent aviation training materials and, more recently, for their X-Plane training course: “you practice every private pilot flight lesson before experiencing it in a real airplane”. 27 lessons to get you familiar with the complete syllabus before you even step into an airplane. We are planning to review this product soon so check back with us to read the full review. Another attending partner, Aviation Careers Podcast, is a service dedicated to broadcasting information and advice about getting into professional aviation. Listen to one of their feature podcasts at Will my age deter me from a career in aviation?

SKALARKI sim components

For the serious pilot into training, proficiency or simply IFR fun, a visit to PilotEdge (802) is a must. PilotEdge offers a professional ATC service at an affordable price. An excellent way to learn and practice the lingo you will be using when talking to NATCA in the air. Of course the more global volunteer-based group VATSIM will be there as well at booth 503 and IVAO at 106. Swing by to see some controller action!

Looking for hardware for your training? From the mighty RedBird (see our posts here and here)  at booth 406, to Skalarki, maker of B737 and A320 realistic simulator components, to SIMiONIC’s innovative G1000 simulation system which we evaluated recently, FSexpo 2019 features a great line up of producers. SIMiONIC is bringing a new C172 panel to the show, first time out. Three more manufacturers we like: Virtual-Fly will show their fantastic hardware (we reviewed it here), StayLevel Aviation with their elegant SLAVX panels, also reviewed here) and SimInnovations Air Manager will be on display as well. A great way to build your favorite panel instruments and make them work.

SIMiONIC G1000 panel prototype

Last but surely not least, AFSBI’s sim of choice, X-Plane’s Laminar Research will be at booth 202. Laminar will show VR and will feature an ongoing landing competition. Tryouts will take place Saturday, June 8, all day at the X-Plane booth, with the top finalists competing in the main auditorium in front of the FSExpo attendees on Sunday at 9:30 AM. A panel of judges will decide the top winners. Here is a video of  the”perfect” approach you will be asked to fly.

For all those who use simulators for flight training, or simply for fun, FSExpo 2019 promises two great days in wonderful Orlando, talking with fellow simmers and your favorite vendors, trying out new products, and listening to many great presentations, and workshops. A few we handpicked:

Calum Martin: Using At-Home Flight Simulation: Why and How. Sunday 10.45

Ethan Hawes: Using At-Home Flight Simulation: Flying Online Sunday 12.30

Robert Jex: FAA WINGS Seminar: Getting Started Sunday 1.15

As we posted in Evan and Phil’s interview, Friday afternoon will be devoted to workshops on Advanced Simulation, Tweaking and more. Saturday’s speaking events will see several manufacturers discussing their products, including Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, Mindstar, Noble Flight Simulation, Orbx and more.

Don’t miss FlightSimExpo 2019 and make sure you come see us at booth 205, we will have a little something special for you while supplies last!

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