Quiz: Think you know simulators well? Test your knowledge here.

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AFSBI Standard Quiz

/ By Editorial Staff

Take this short quiz to test your basic knowledge about all things simulators and share your results!


#1 Which of these sims is no longer in production?

FSW appeared shortly as a Beta on Steam and was then retired.


#2 What may happen when you add one or more monitors to your sim?

When the processors (CPU and GPU) are stressed, performance decreases and can result in occasional stuttering and image freezes. This is because the more pixels you add, the more processing power is required to display them.



#3 What is ArdsimX?


The ArdSimX interface is a combined software system to control functions in your sim.



#4 What’s the difference in flight modeling in X-Plane, FSX and P3D?

Prepar3D (P3D) and FSX are based on a modeling system which describes how and when each aircraft flies. The basic aerodynamic  data used (which define the behaviour of individual aircraft) are, in great part, 6 degree of freedom linear coefficients. X-Plane is based on the blade element theory, which divides the flying structure in small parts, analyzes each one and creates a flying model from them. PS There is no such thing as the blade gambit.


#5 What’s Pilot Edge?


Pilot Edge is a simulated ATC service. It is managed by professionally trained air traffic controllers and encompassing a large area in western United States.





You are good! Congratulations!

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