RealSimGear-HotStart TBM900 Sim

June 12, 2019 / Comments (0)

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/ By Editorial Staff

Rarely, at the level of prosumer simulation, you see such level of professional detail in a sim display like the one we spotted at FSEXPO 2019. With RealSimGear hardware and HotStart software running over X-Plane 11 and mounted on an elegant SLAVX panel you get it all: an amazing combination. This should appeal to owner-operators, flight schools and anyone serious about learning the intricacies of a TBM900 high-performance personal aircraft and its P&WC PT6A engine. Practice normal startups, hot starts, look at temperatures, see each component functioning (or malfunctioning), and do it with physical switches and controls as you would on the aircraft. And of course, fly the aircraft with a full set of controls. We looked at a demo offered by the software developer Saso Kiselkov and RealSimGear Bradley Mayer. Nothing short of spectacular, as you can see for yourself.

At an estimated cost of about $4,000 for all the gear showed here (the TBM software is only $65, incredibly), this should be of interest to any TBM900 pilot, technician, and simulator enthusiast.


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