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AFSBI Pro Comparison Tables Feature

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As we publish for fixed wings simulators, here is an initial list of rotary ATDs. This list includes simulators approved by the FAA with designation from BATD through AATD and FTD. We also include EASA certification information if available.

This Aviation Training Devices (ATD) table now compares 12 rotary wings simulators’ features and prices (when available). These ATDs are available on the market today for use by flight schools, aviation colleges, flying clubs and private individuals. We will add new simulators as they become available or are flagged to us. We are also adding columns with additional data once it becomes available for most simulators listed. The table’s columns offer price, known aviation authority certification, and add the presence of motion, force feedback, type of cabin configuration, instruments and more. The information has been gathered either online or, in most cases, directly from the manufacturer. This information is offered as is, and should help those who are in the market for an approved simulator for their trainees.

Rotary Training Devices Features Comparison Table

ManufacturerModelBase Price
Upon Request
= UR
Desktop = D
Encl. = P
Enclosed = F
Control Loading Standard = S
Available = A
Spring Loading = SP
Not Available = N
Motion Y/N
Available = A
Digital = D
Analog = A
Both = B
Single = S
Dual = D
(c) AFSBI Inc. 2018.
Reproduction by
permission only.
NotesQuotes as available
at the time of writing.
Quotes may vary and are only representative.
Quotes may not include transport, installation and maintenance.
Prices converted from other
currencies are approximated.
As per manufacturers'
More info for certification in countries
other than the US may be available
at manufacturer website.
Merlin Simulation300C Cbi145,000AATDURPSNBDAccurate flight model
Merlin SimulationR22/44145,000AATDURPSNBDAccurate flight model
Platinum SimulatorsPHS149,000AATDURYNNYDCockpit enclosure and visuals included
entrolH02 / Cabri G2149,000AATDFNPT IIPSNDDVibration system available
RedBirdVTO149,800AATDURFYYBDBase price, several configuraitons available
PFC206/407199,000AATDURFSPABDH-206/407, Analog or G1000
FrascaHTD200,000AATDURFSPNBSB206, B207, R44
entrolH01 / Bell 206299,000FTD Level 5FNPT IIFSNADVibration system available
entrolH11 / H135399,000FTD Level 5FNPT II MCCFSNDDVibration system available
EliteTH-100N/APrice not available. Contact Manufacturer
EliteTH-22N/AAATDNNNNADPrice not available. Contact Manufacturer
EliteTH-22SN/AAATDNNNYASPrice not available. Contact Manufacturer
Rotary Training Devices (BATD, AATD, FTD) comparison table.

Please contact us if you would like to have your rotary ATD featured here or if you would like to suggest additional fields, or flag errors or omissions. The information in this table is presented as best of our knowledge.

(c) AFSBI 2019. Reproduction by permission only.


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