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At EATS 2018 in Madrid

We caught up with the team showing SERA, a high-end, synthetic ATC add-on for full flight simulators and flight training centers.

SERA’s features an immersive, truly responsive synthesized ATC with capabilities including accurate flight tracking, emergencies, global coverage and more.

ASTi’s Simulated Environment for Realistic ATC (SERA) creates a dynamic, artificially intelligent environment filled with other aircraft and air traffic controllers. Not only does it increase flight training’s realism, but it also provides an immersive air traffic control (ATC) and traffic experience in the air and on the ground. SERA eliminates the need for instructor role-play, introducing real-world communication demands, increasing training value, and decreasing training costs.

During Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) scenarios, crews receive and read back customized ATC instructions. This feedback occurs from pushback to taxi, amid other traffic present in the real world. The proper airlines at the right gates request clearances to typical destinations for your simulation’s airport, date, and time. State-of-the-art speech technology teaches and reinforces radio phraseology to new pilots, including non-native English speakers.

SERA is a “SATCE” defined as:

“The simulation of other traffic entities within an airspace or ground environment along with the associated ATC [Air Traffic Control] radio and data communications to other traffic on the own ship within this wider context.”

In Plain English, SATCE (Simulated ATC Environment) is the environmental cueing system on a Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) that simulates external traffic on the ground or in the air (both visually and over radio) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) communications in the flight training environment.

For full information please see ASTi’s SERA website


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