SimBird, a turnkey desktop flight simulator

August 7, 2019 / Comments (0)

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At AirVenture2019, we spotted a new offering. The company is Montauk Systems, based in Virginia. The product is SimBird. The man behind it is John DiMattei. The idea is to integrate off-the-shelf sim components in an easy to use integration and add a computer and other needed accessories. We recognized at a glance that the sim is based on an integration of Logitech G Proline components. However, what SimBird does is that it provides everything else one may need in a standard desktop-based flight simulator. That is, SimBird includes the desk itself, display, computer pre-loaded with X-Plane 11, keyboard, mouse and a stack with radios, autopilot and switch panels, a multi-function indicator, a dual throttle quadrant, yoke, and pedals. The model we saw had a wide curved display as well.

SimBird’s target market is individuals and flight schools who do not want to bother with acquiring all the components individually but would rather get an entry-level setup already pre-configured. The price of what we saw is $4,999 and includes the actual desk. If you do already have some components (e.g. desk, monitor, etc.) you can subtract some money from that amount.

John explains his offering here:

We wish John the best of luck with this new sim integration and hope to meet him again at one of the many upcoming sim events around the world.

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