Simionic updates G1000 solution

April 4, 2018 / Comments (0)

AFSBI Standard

/ By SimFan737

Simionic, based in China, is the manufacturer of an interesting G1000 solution. The solution is based on two extremely good quality bezels, in which the user slides two iPad Air, one for the MFD and the other for the PFD. The apps to run the displays are offered for sale at the Apple Store for 9.99 each. At $1564.00, the bezels’ cost is in line or even below other products of the same type, considering the additional expenses of the two iPads. The obvious advantage of this solution is that it unloads the simulator computer processor and video board, since all the processing and display tasks are done within each iPad. As for communication, the bezels connect to the iPads flawlessly via Bluetooth and the iPad connect to the computer running any popular simulator platform, via WiFi through a bridge plugin. The bezels’ controls are fully lit and the audio panel, which is mounted between the displays, comes with the SH1000 combo. The latest update includes a bug fix which was crashing the PFD when selecting waypoints in the direct-to or terminal procedures dialog. ¬†Also within this update the first twin engine aircraft Beechcraft Baron is added as in-app-purchases. Natively the product comes with a line up of most popular single engine Cessnas. AFSBI will publish a full review once the Lab will become fully operational.

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