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EAA’s Airventure

in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, EAA’s most famous event, Airventure, has never been considered a simulator-oriented event. That’s right, it isn’t. However, because it gathers thousands of aviation fans each year, we will attend hoping to find what role simulators play in the aviation environment. From an initial desk research it seems that, sprinkled around the exhibits, simulators are everywhere to support pilots and simulator fans, new and experienced. We will report in detail once we are there and do some live sessions on our FB page.
Here are snippets of our findings.


A major part of what EAA does is related to safety and proficiency. We applaud this, because it’s where simulators shine. The EAA Pilot Proficiency Center is one of the most unique and important parts of the show. Dedicated to improving pilot skills and enhancing safety, the Pilot Proficiency Center features 14 Redbird LD ATDs and the Redbird Xwind. Each sim is staffed by a professional flight instructor who will guide pilots of all levels through a pre-flight, two or three flight scenarios, and a debriefing. Pilots can check out the scenarios here.
The EAA Pilot Proficiency Center also features a full schedule of Tech Talks with topics sure to interest pilots of all types, skill level, and experience. We will train on one of these scenarios and report on our experience.

Frasca will be present with their trailer equipped with a C172 FTD simulator. They will have an indoor location, distributing logbooks for first time pilots, and the outdoor trailer distributing ice cream and sim time.

Sim Products

Thrustmaster, which makes some of the most advanced flight controls, hosts an entire pavilion of vendors, industry leaders, aviation specialty companies and the like. The Airventure pavilion is called the “Thrustmaster Gaming Exhibit” and it’s one of the larger physical buildings. The company will launch the much anticipated TPR Pendular Rudder. Using the PENDUL_R technology and its suspended mechanism. We look forward to trying them.

Several EFB manufacturers such as ForeFlight, FlyQ and others will present their products, now integrated more and more into flight simulator, due to their capacity to display position, instrument approach plates and more.

ATC simulators such as UFA‘s  will also be present, a good opportunity for us to discuss how ATC services are being integrated more and more into flight simulation activities. UFA announced that its ATTower® Tower Simulator and ATCoach® Radar Simulator will be traveling around the United States.


Additionally, EAA’s Spirit of Aviation Mobile Experience will be presented at Airventure by NATCA:  “Our mobile trailer is bringing EAA’s mission and passion to aviation and non-aviation events throughout the country.” Visitor experiences include flight time in two Redbird TD flight simulators and a Welcome to EAA 360-degree virtual reality video.

In closing, EAA’s commitment to flight safety translates directly in the use and promotion of learning and proficiency through simulators. See also their simulator forum.

We look forward to learn more and report to our members.


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