A Six-year-old Flying an Airbus A380? Well… almost. See how he does.

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/ By Editorial Staff

It all started when six-year-old Adam Mohammed Amer made a visit to the cockpit on an Etihad Airways flight from Morocco to Abu Dhabi.  Adam gave the pilots on board detailed procedural accounts of  the aircraft’s operating systems and demonstrated a deep understanding of emergency procedures.

The flight’s Captain, with the consent of Adam’s family, filmed the encounter and posted it to his media social accounts. The young boy’s outstanding knowledge of intricate aircraft operations endeared him to the public with over six million views on social media.

Etihad was so enamored with Adam, they invited him to the Etihad Airways Training Centre to undergo pilot training for a day. The six-year-old was dressed in a specially made pilot uniform and went through several Airbus A380 simulator sessions. He even did several emergency scenarios. According to Etihad, Adam performed all tasks successfully, with only a minor pitch issue when he let the nose drop too low on an approach.

According to his father, Adam’s interest in airplanes started when he was just a toddler. He was also attracted to flight simulators and RC aircraft, and has been poring over manuals and aviation magazines since he could read. Adam says he wants to fly to “America, the North Pole, the South Pole, and all the seven skies”.  When he grows up he wants to pilot a real Airbus A380 and Boeing 787. We think he is well on his way and wish this young pilot blue skies and tailwinds.

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