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August 5, 2019 / Comments (0)

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Sim streaming may be the way to go. CloudFlyt, a Palo Alto California-based company has a new and innovative simulation approach. Rather than buying a computer and setup a simulator in it, just use the TV you already have and let CloudFlyt stream the sim to it. If you are learning to fly in the cloud, you may as well stream your lessons from it, pun intended. How does it work? At AirVenture2019 in Oshkosh we interviewed Jim McDonald, the company’s CEO and chief innovator. As the story goes, Jim asked himself: why can’t simulation be delivered to your TV like Netflix is? Can we make it easier and fun?

He moved on that concept, and today CloudFlyt uses streaming technology to bring your sim into any compatible Android device. If your TV has built-in Android “smarts” you actually don’t need any additional streaming hardware. If not, you can buy an inexpensive Android box from any retailer. Then get an account which includes two hours of streaming and access to any of the “missions” or lessons within it. Buy more hours as needed. The sim is a customized Prepar3D with some presets that make it easier and more realistic to use with a TV. You add a yoke and pedals (which you plug into the USB ports on the TV or box) and you are all set. It’s innovative for sure, and with current broadband speeds you should have no problems streaming it. CloudFlyt loads up as any streaming channel, and it’s ready to use, with lessons and missions already available to the user.

Here is Jim McDonald explaining their offering:

Although only available in the US for now, this is obviously a very innovative product and we look forward to trying it out. While CloudFlyt is a startup we think its forward-thinking and innovative technology can go the length and deliver a full simulation experience at a reasonable cost. As the company develops more missions, users may find great value in simply turn on their TV, plug in the yoke and start flying and learning.

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