This UFA ATC Simulator is amazing!

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UFA and its subsidiary ATCSim GmbH are the big names in ATC simulation. Their ATCSim Innovation Center offers state-of-the-art Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower, Radar and Airside Driving simulation technology for training, research and development. The center is an hour driving distance from Munich Airport.  Recently, UFA provided a 360-degree visual system, consoles, hardware, installation and training for tower and ground controller positions to Singapore Civil Aviation (CAAS). CAAS received the part task trainer system, a multi-touch table top training system with debrief capability, ATLIVE, and custom visual databases for Singapore’s Changi and Seletar airports. All systems are voice recognition-enabled with UFA’s ATVoice.

This video gives you an idea of how simulated ATC control towers look like.


From CAT Aviation Training Magazine on the web.

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