Thought your seat was tight? Stand up!

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A new “stand-up” plane seat had a mixed reception at this year’s aircraft shows.

The latest iteration of the the Skyrider 3.0 seat, designed by Italian firm Avio Interiors, was on show at the event. It was officially unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

The new Skyrider “saddle” seat is more upright than a standard plane seat. Rather than sit down, passengers sort of “perch” on it with their legs draped down as if they were riding a horse.

The Skyrider seat is enough to have you start saving for business class.

The seat has a pitch – the space between one seat and the seat in front – of just 23 inches. Most traditional plane seat pitches in economy are around 30 inches. The 23 inch pitch is of “acceptable comfort for the passenger”, said Avio Interiors.

The slim design of the Skyrider seat will allow airlines to fill the economy aircraft cabin to the max by packing passengers in more tightly. Avio Interiors estimates that airlines can cram in 20 per cent more passengers with this new seat.

This seat was revealed at the Aircraft Interior Expo in Hamburg this year. See also  this article and video in the SUN here.

Original article from the Independent.

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