VIVE Pro Eye: VR Precision

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/ By Editorial Staff

You are turning your head, but what are you looking at? VIVE Pro Eye is a huge improvement to your VR experience. It tracks the movement of your eyes, so you can experience more of your simulation even without controllers. Announced at CES 2019, details are still at a minimum besides the fact that it will not replace the VIVE Pro. HTC confirmed this in an interview with UploadVR this week. In a statement provided over email, the company said that the VIVE Pro Eye will ‘sit alongside’ its predecessor. It also reaffirmed it will announce the kit’s price at a later time. Vive Pro Eye adds integrated eye-tracking to the headset. This allows for foveated rendering in VR as well as a new means of input. Other specs like resolution and field of view (FOV) remain the same. Foveated rendering is an upcoming graphics rendering technique which uses an eye tracker integrated with a virtual reality headset to reduce the rendering workload by greatly reducing the image quality in the peripheral vision (outside of the zone gazed by the fovea).

How does this innovation affect flight simulation? Potentially quite substantially. Tracking eye movement allows the user to focus on a specific area within the field of vision, making the selection of a control a lot easier. This will of course mean that flight simulators must support it along with their existing VR-specific features. The cost? Nobody knows for sure yet, but expect it to be in the above $1,000 range. With VR exploding in the flight simulation and aviation training world, you can rest assured that this will be a direction to be soon followed by other prominent manufacturers.

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