April 30 – May 2 – Orlando, Fl.

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This April 30th, the world’s largest gathering of aviation training professionals including airlines, regulators, training providers and industry returns to Orlando, FL with over 1,200 people from 50+ countries in attendance.

The event will look at “Identifying and Developing Professionalism in the Global Aviation Workforce” through embracing training “best practice”, maximizing the personnel transfer-of-training, and achieving optimum human performance and operational safety for world airline pilot, regional airline pilot, cabin crew and maintenance training

We picked some sessions that sound amazingly interesting and within the realm of simulation:

Beam Me Up – Using Holographic Telepresence to Create Global Collaborative Training

Using Game-Environment-Based Training to Train Spatial Disorientation

Distance Learning Technologies with the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals: Lessons Learned

The event offers a relaxed yet professional environment conducive to developing new and existing relationships. Above all, it offers unrivaled opportunities to meet with your peers from the senior echelons of the international airline training community. Furthermore it allows you to learn and discuss the latest training issues, and consider how others have addressed these scenarios.

For those who career takes them across the world to promote training solutions. WATS truly provides a huge saving in time and most importantly investment. In other words, by attending WATS you will have the opportunity to conduct ‘three months worth of business in only three days’.

WATS 2019 will deliver five independent and impartial conferences alongside the sector’s biggest trade show.

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Social Program

WATS 2019 has a full social program, including, receptions, lunches, coffee breaks and a Golf Tournament. All of these are designed to break down barriers between the different industry groups, and as a result increase the sense of community. Furthermore, it helps attendees with their professional development. All WATS participants will have access to the networking events, along with our event app, which includes an inbuilt messaging service.

Why Attend WATS?

• It enables you to discover the latest cutting-edge services and solutions to help improve operational safety and efficiency.
• It subsequently provides you with the latest practical training exercises from the world’s leading subject matter experts
• It offers key insight into the future of the aviation training industry.
• Provides you and your company the opportunity to connect with over 1,200 international aviation training professionals.
• Save time, reduce cost, really communicate, understand and take away training, safety and or business solutions.

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