What to Expect at FlightSimExpo 2019: an interview with the organizers

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AFSBI: So, what’s new and exciting this year in Orlando?

Evan and Phil: A lot!

Let’s start with Captains’ Corner, our Friday afternoon seminar series designed for the true flight simulation enthusiast. The series will feature presentations from Prepar3D, Jetline Systems, Navigraph, Orbx, and X-Plane.

These developers are making themselves available to get in-depth on how to tweak and tune your simulator to get the best possible performance. The series comes directly from attendee feedback: simmers wanted the opportunity for more detailed, education-oriented seminars that offer detail about improving the sim, scenery design, and more. At just a $10 add-on for the entire series of seminars, Captains’ Corner is a great opportunity for attendees to interact with developers in an intimate, Q&A-style setting.

Next, we’re very excited about our series of panels happening on Saturday and Sunday, during the main show. This year, we’re introducing a new series called “Using At-Home Flight Simulation”. The series, designed for novice simmers, will take you through the steps required to build, configure, and connect your simulator. It starts on Saturday morning when YouTuber FlightChops and his real-world instructor Jason Miller talk about their journey through instrument training, using simulation as a training aid.

For simmers, Saturday morning’s flight simulation developer panel being hosted by Twitch streamer ‘chillywillies’ will likely be a highlight. The panel, which will feature an in-depth Q&A, is designed to help simmers get to know popular developers on a more personal level. Later in the day on Saturday, 7 developers are each putting on 30-minute seminars designed to provide announcements, new releases, and detail about their offerings. Prepar3D, Gleim Aviation, Parallel 42, Virtual Fly, Mettar Simulations, Noble Flight Simulation, Mindstar Aviation, and Flight Velocity will each be presenting during the day on Saturday.

A few other exciting developments: Redbird Flight Simulations will be bringing its full-motion MX-2 simulator to the show for attendees to experience. Newly-announced, FlightSimExpo registration now includes a free, 6-month membership with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Amongst other benefits, the membership includes discounted registration at Oshkosh, 6 editions of Sport Aviation, and discounts at more than 300 museums.

AFSBI: Can you give us the numbers?

Evan and Phil: Last year in Las Vegas, we had 45 exhibitors; we’re already over 50 for this year’s event, with a few weeks to go before the deadline. This year, we are expecting 500-1,000 more attendees than the 1,100 who joined us for the inaugural event in 2018. We have more than doubled the amount of event space we have so we can accommodate the increased traffic.

For us, the numbers show that developers and attendees from aviation and flight simulation are recognizing the importance and benefits of flight simulation. Whether you’re a student, pilot, or a simulation enthusiast, the event has something designed for you!

AFSBI: Where can we find out more information about the event?

Evan and Phil: On our website, www.flightsimexpo.com. Registration is open now, for just $70, which includes two-day event access, coffee, appetizers and drinks, and the free EAA membership. Also on our website, attendees will find out more about travel and airfare discounts, our hotel deal, and more. We encourage people to register early: prices go up on May 15.

We’re so grateful to the community, developers and attendees, for their support, and look forward to seeing everyone in Orlando in just a few weeks!

AFSBI: We look forward to attend, and thank you both!

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